Three cheers for eight years! Platform Brewing Co. unveils new menu for patrons to enjoy

Plenty of high-quality pub fare is now joining a diverse rotation of craft beers at their Ohio City location.

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Early last week to coincide with its eighth anniversary, Cleveland staple Platform Beer Co. unveiled a new menu. Gone were the usual air-fried cauliflower and pretzel bites and in their place is a selection of high-quality pub fare that goes hand in hand with their diverse rotation of craft beers. All it took was the Cleveland Browns finally trading Baker Mayfield to make it happen. (Kidding!)

Last Friday, Platform Beer Co. invited Right Down Euclid to sample the new menu and give recommendations to Clevelanders who will be out and about this weekend. Before we get started, here is a quick run down of what Platform is now offering patrons along with the recommended craft brews to go with them:

Photo credit: Platform Beer Co.

Clearly, that's a lot of food for just the lone sole member of Right Down Euclid to sample and consume. It's still a lot even after I asked my partner to join me for a date that Friday night. As a quick aside, she thought we were getting engaged since we had our first date at Platform during the height of the pandemic and asked if she should do her nails. I laughed (it's coming when she least expects it) and told her it was for work. Once we both looked over the menu we were pretty excited to try as much as we could.

Based on what we were able to try, we weren't disappointed. The things that we weren't able to eat, including the Tuscan Hummus Bowl which was recommended by everyone working at the brewery that night, are next on our trip there. Ditto for the Paradise Pie flatbread which the table next to us ordered after they smashed the Knotty By Nature on top of that.

Without further ado, here is my and my partner's review of what we tried from Platform's new menu:

Small plates, large portions

To start things out, we ordered Chicken Pit Boss Nachos, which are Platform's take on barbecue chicken nachos, along with Caulifornication, which is buffalo cauliflower with ranch and bleu cheese on top. Two very different items on the small plates portion of the menu but a good juxtaposition between what Sharptooths and Long Necks alike might crave when going to Platform. We also got a flight of their various summertime beers to help battle the heat since, by all accounts, I am not one who does well with spice.

Even though the menu says that what we ordered to start were both considered small plates, the nachos were anything but that. What they were was plentiful for the whole table, and, frankly, delicious. The nachos were the proper balance between chips and toppings and weren't too soggy in some parts where things were a bit more concentrated. Also, even though it was barbecue nachos, it wasn't too sweet either from the sauce Platform decided to use. All in all, a great plate to start things out with but it's probably better for a group larger than a duet to share.

Pit Boss Nachos: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

When it came to the buffalo cauliflower, meanwhile, was a certified banger. It was so good that as the wise philosopher Guy Ramsay Fieri once said you could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good. Buffalo cauliflower is always a classic staple for anyone looking for a vegetarian alternative to wings and Platform's iteration takes it to another level. Perhaps it's the buffalo sauce they used. Or the combination of ranch dressing and bleu cheese. Something felt right with this dish that makes you want to dream of Caulifornication.

Caulifornication: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Featured on Platform's new food menu is beer that only a cicerone would recommend to whet your whistle. Photo credit: Right Down Euclid

The Earth may not be flat but these flatbreads are the main event

To match our two appetizer orders, we also ordered two of the eight flatbread options available on Platform's menu. Clearly, they have an assortment of both classic and funky fresh flavor combinations so we went with a little bit of both by ordering the Antonio Margheriti and the Rockin' Ranch. Both were very different from one another and both were interesting takes on certain flavor profiles.

The Antonio Margheriti is Platform's souped-up take on a traditional Pizza Margherita that had a kid with a Caprese salad before it hit the oven. It also was the true star when compared to its non-traditional cousin. Maybe it was the second flight and a pint we ordered but this flatbread hit the spot and didn't last very long on the table. It had the right mix of salty, sweet and smokiness thanks to the balsamic they drizzled on top. If you come to Platform for one thing and one thing only, make sure it's this flatbread.

Antonio Margheriti: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

When it comes to being non-traditional, the Rockin' Ranch certainly fits the bill. It's Platform's take on a chicken bacon ranch pizza and when you first dig in, it's delicious since all those flavors work well together. But, maybe it's the ranch or the Tuscan herbs they use but after a few bites, it starts to feel a tad overwhelming flavor-wise. Maybe it's just too much of a good thing and, unfortunately, it had to share a place at our table with arguably the best flatbread on Platform's menu.

Rockin' Ranch: ⭐⭐⭐

Three cheers for eight years for Platform Brewing Co.! Their new menu is a success in Right Down Euclid's eyes and well worth visiting their Ohio City location! Photo credit: Right Down Euclid

Final thoughts as we clear the table

Again, we weren't able to sample everything Platform Beer Co.'s new menu has to offer. I'm already on a diet as is and while I'm willing to risk it all one day maybe Friday wasn't that day. But, what we did have was delicious and well worth visiting the brewery's Ohio City location. Like I said at the top, we'll be back again soon enough to try more of it. Will it be an engagement, though? Stay tuned to find out!

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