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The initial Deshaun Watson ruling isn't surprising but it is disappointing and now, there's no end in sight

Watson only getting a six-game suspension felt like a light slap on the wrist not only for the quarterback but the Browns themselves in the grand scheme of things. But now, an ongoing legal quagmire that won't go away and could likely drag into the regular season, seems a bit more fitting. Read more.

Have the Cleveland Cavaliers done enough to surpass expectations? – Right Down Euclid mailbag

That means the Cavaliers are the next tier below with the likes of the Toronto Raptors, the Chicago Bulls, the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Knicks. Mind you, that's no shade at Cleveland as you can make an argument they're the best team in this group. But, there are only eight playoff spots to go around through the entirety of the Eastern Conference. That means that despite all the internal growth the Cavaliers are banking on, it might not be enough to keep themselves out of the Play-In tournament. Read more.

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