Matt’s musings: The significance of sports and storytelling

Matt will be covering all three major Cleveland sports teams, which goes hand in hand with his passion for storytelling.
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At my core, I’m a writer – I’ve always had a passion for telling stories. I’ve been writing since I could pick up a pen or pencil and scribble words down. To me, the ability to share stories with each other is one of the most innate human experiences. There is

That perspective has given me great respect for independent journalism, especially in sports. With so many of the major media corporations fixating on big market teams or specific players for the views and click counts – it seems like in today’s world more than ever before, the significance of independent journalism is at an all-time high. It’s been a real privilege of mine to write about the Cleveland Cavaliers for over three years now with Fansided’s King James Gospel. Writing content alongside fans and for fans is what sports journalism is all about to me. People need to continue to pursue the stories that matter to them.

Sports and storytelling go hand in hand. I hope to use my position at Right Down Euclid to create unique, fan-inspired stories covering all of Cleveland’s major sports teams. Whether you are a new fan, eager to learn more about Cleveland sports, or a seasoned veteran weathered by years of history – there is something here for you.

Whether it’s the Browns, Cavaliers, or the Guardians – our teams bring us together, and I believe the stories that come along with them are an integral part of our city’s heartbeat. I plan on bringing a tried and true Cleveland fan’s passion and loyalty to my work while maintaining an objective outlook.

Right Down Euclid is not your standard big-name media publication focused on farming content for a constant cycle of clicks. This is a genuine grassroots endeavor focused on sharing the stories of The Land. That’s why I’m driven to work with this team. I aim to use my experience as a writer to cultivate stories that excite fans and inspire them to share their own. Cleveland is home for me, and it always will be. There is real power in the bond between sports and storytelling. I can’t wait to get started, stay tuned for more.

At his core, Matt Fagan has been a writer since he could pick up a pen or pencil and scribble words down. He believes there is real power in the bond between sports and storytelling and always tries to cultivate that energy when covering Cleveland sports.

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