Is Ricky Rubio coming back? What's going on with Collin Sexton? Is Elden Ring Game of the Year? Right Down Euclid Mailbag

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In a new series for Right Down Euclid, readers can submit their questions about anything related to Cleveland sports and we'll answer them to the best of our ability. So, with that said, today Right Down Euclid will answer your questions, and hopefully more, on this edition of the weekly mailbag.

Hey, Evan. It's been said all over that Ricky Rubio is going to be coming back to the Cavs next year. Can you confirm this? – Levi R.

In short, yes, sources confirm the reporting out there that there's a mutual interest between Ricky Rubio and the Cavaliers in a possible reunion. But, it's not as cut and dry as some may think. A lot of people are hoping Rubio re-signs with Cleveland and both sides pick up where they left off before the Spanish sensation went down with a torn ACL. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that. This will be the second time the 31-year-old Rubio has torn the ligament in his left knee in his oft-injured NBA career. That will likely impact how he plays and, unfortunately, means he could run the risk of tearing it again as well. Not only could that happen, but, Rubio also runs an even higher risk of tearing his right ACL as well because of this injury.

Mind you, it's not just the risk that Rubio could re-injure himself either. League sources say that a likely timeline for Rubio's recovery would have him returning to action by late November or early December. For a team like the Cavaliers, that may not be good enough for a team gunning for the playoffs that will be on everyone's radar. Cleveland may need more production to start the season, especially if they don't want to burn out Darius Garland again. That's why they need to comb the market for better alternatives to Rubio.

First off, don't rule out veteran guard Rajon Rondo returning to the Cavaliers. According to sources, Rondo is beloved by everyone throughout the organization both on and off the court. Rondo has the full trust of head coach J.B. Bickerstaff and the former NBA champion has been nothing but a positive presence to Cleveland's younger players to boot. Sure, his on-court play has declined but, Rondo could be still a steady option as the guard in the team's rotation.

That's why, if the Cavaliers sign Rondo they could bring in a younger guard as well. According to league sources, keep your eye on Memphis Grizzlies' reserve Tyus Jones when free agency opens as well. The same could be said for Atlanta's Delon Wright as well. Sources say that Jones, who is an unrestricted free agent, could be looking for a pay bump after a strong year backing up superstar Ja Morant that the Grizzlies cannot afford to match. Wright, meanwhile, might be looking for greener pastures due to frustrations with being benched by head coach Nate McMillan for Lou Williams this season, per sources. Those same sources say that, like Jones, Wright is looking for a pay increase after outperforming his contract at times as well.

Both Jones and Wright make much more sense for the Cavaliers to hitch their wagon to instead of Rubio. Granted, that doesn't mean Cleveland shouldn't consider signing Rubio. They could bring him in to continue fostering the healthy culture the Cavaliers have developed. But, the same can be acquired with Rondo as well. With how beloved Rondo is, it does make sense to bring him in too. Plus, for what it's worth, Rondo is also available to play.

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So, I'm going to cheat a bit and knock out both questions with the same answer since they somewhat go hand in hand with each other.

Heading into the offseason, one of the biggest questions hanging over the Cavaliers is what will happen with Collin Sexton. Cleveland and Sexton failed to agree upon a contract extension moments before last season and will now enter the market as a restricted free agent. With Sexton coming off a season-ending meniscus injury, there's understandably some doubt about his future with the Cavaliers. But, according to sources, that doubt shouldn't linger long.

During his exit interview, Cavaliers President of Basketball Operations Koby Altman shared that Sexton deserves to play meaningful, winning basketball with the team that was just a win away from making the playoffs. Altman also credits Sexton for being the one who kickstarted the team's current culture, giving him an even greater reason to be back on the floor this season.

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Sure, that sounds all well and good but this is more than just lip service from Altman. As mentioned before, sources say there shouldn't be much doubt concerning Sexton staying in a Cavaliers uniform. In fact, those sources say that Cleveland doesn't want to let a homegrown talent like Sexton walk so easily and that the feeling is mutual from Sexton's side of things as well.

That's all well and good and a promising sign of things to come. But, it still doesn't address the Caris LeVert-sized elephant in the room as well. I've said it before and I'll say it now – LeVert was a flop for the Cavaliers this season. But, I'm also willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this offseason to get healthy and fully acclimate to Cleveland's system during training camp.

If it works, then the Cavaliers have a spoil of riches at the shooting guard position. There is a way to have both Sexton and LeVert co-exist with one another fairly easily. Sure, they have some overlap skill-wise but also provide unique things on the floor as well. Thankfully, that's not on me or you or anyone other than J.B. Bickerstaff and his coaching staff to figure out. I feel like they will, to be honest.

Who do you think the Browns should take in the draft? Does Baker get traded too? – Connor V.

Hey, Connor! I decided to answer this after the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft ended and, thankfully, the Browns didn't make any moves to get back into the first round so my comprehensive guide is still able to stand up on its own.

In regards to Baker – who knows? Neither the Seahawks nor the Panthers took a quarterback in the first round so both make sense for him. But, I'd keep an eye on the Falcons as well. Thankfully, the Steelers took Kenny Pickett so at least Cleveland doesn't have to worry about even more Mayfield mishaps going forward from their division rival.

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I usually burn a little sage to purify things. But, that's just me.

Hey, Evan. I know you've been talking about it a lot but is Elden Ring your Game of the Year pick? Also, what build did you go with? – Shawn T.

Without a shred of doubt is Elden Ring my Game of the Year choice and we're only a third of the way through 2022. It has everything I want in a game and, like Breath of the Wild, it has re-sparked my love for video games after things started feeling lackluster to me. I've already beaten it three times with the same character and plan on playing it over and over because there is still so much for me to discover.

I ended up going with a spell blade build, though. I mostly focused on intelligence and dexterity and then beefed up my character so I could take hits. The Carian Regal Scepter is a godsend and the same goes for Dark Moon Greatsword. I think I'm going to do a faith-based blood paladin next though and really see how I enjoy that. The opportunities are limitless.

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