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Hoops After Dark initiative crowns a new champion in the culmination of efforts between the Cavaliers and the City of Cleveland

Hoops After Dark is the first step in what's hopefully a long-term, multi-year collaboration between both the Cavaliers and the City of Cleveland. In the closing ceremonies, Mayor Bibb expressed that he is already looking forward to next year's tournament and for every tournament in the following years as well. Barlage, meanwhile, expressed similar feelings from the Cavaliers' side of things and echoed his sentiments from when Hoops After Dark was first announced. Read more.

Breaking down the 2022-23 Cleveland Cavaliers schedule

Expectations might have changed, but, it might be time for the Cavaliers to take the next step this season. Similar to last year, today we will be breaking down the good, and the bad from the 2022-23 schedule for the Cavaliers. Read more.

How can you remain a Browns fan despite Deshaun Watson being on the roster? – Right Down Euclid mailbag

Now, I'm not going to tell anyone how to be a fan or how to root for their favorite teams. No one can be the judge, jury and executioner of fandom. But, the way I've somehow found a shred of solace in this otherwise abhorrent situation is to find players to root for instead of the team. When their success leads to the success of the Browns, it also makes it a tiny bit more palatable to root for them as well. Read more.

This week's Locked On Cavs!

: Who makes up the Cavs’ closing lineup? | Cleveland Cavaliers podcast

: Analyzing the Cavs’ 2022-23 schedule | Cleveland Cavaliers podcast

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‘Joe Pera Talks With You’: In Praise of Joy

By Tyler Parker via The Ringer

The show was a bunch of things. Part sitcom/part infomercial/part educational program/part love letter to Baba O’Riley, it was also about a bunch of things. On the face of it, Joe Pera Talks With You was about a middle school choir teacher in Marquette, Michigan, who enjoys hanging out with his best friend Gene, going to the grocery store, and taking fall drives. But the surface is barely getting grazed. The show was about being good to each other and good to the earth. Read more.

Why Your Team Sucks 2022: Cleveland Browns

By Drew Magary via Defector

All my life, I have the found the plight of the Browns to be both pitiable and oddly charming. Perhaps you did as well. Even though the Browns have always been dogshit, they were at least a team that was fun to imagine being good one day. But now, over the course of a single offseason, they’ve taken all of that goodwill and thrown it into a burning lake. Has any team gone from so sympathetic to so evil so quickly? This is the first NFL team to get milkshake ducked. Even Aaron Rodgers is appalled by the Browns right now. They even got the league itself to hate them, which is like getting the Manson Family to hate Charles Manson. Read more.

It Was a Mystery in the Desert for 50 Years

By Michael Kimmelman via The New York Times

Nearly everything about Michael Heizer’s land art megasculpture called “City” can seem hard to fathom. That it’s a mile and a half long and nearly half a mile wide, smack in the middle of a remote stretch of the high Nevada desert, where what passes for a neighbor is Area 51. That the nearest blacktop is an hour’s drive away, on a dusty, bumpy, former livestock trail, across a couple of mountain ranges. That it cost $40 million to build. Read more.

Rickie Fowler has rebuffed LIV Golf offers, but how long can he actually resist? | Opinion

By Tom D'Angelo via The Palm Beach Post

At first glance, Rickie Fowler seemed the perfect candidate to join LIV Golf.

His game has declined yet he remains one of the more popular players in the world. He's 33 and he and his wife, Allison Stokke, had their first child in November.

But Fowler has resisted the league, funded by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, offering him more money than he would ever see by remaining loyal to the PGA Tour. He is not Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed and others who made their bones on the tour and then threw away everything they once stood for in a money grab. Which is their right, but comes with a price, especially when it comes to each's legacy. Read more.

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