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In a new series for Right Down Euclid, readers can submit their questions for anything related to Cleveland sports and we'll answer them to the best of our ability. Last week's mailbag was more Cavalier-centric but, this time around, we get questions from all walks of life in the Cleveland sports sphere. So, with that said, today Right Down Euclid will answer your questions, and hopefully more, on this edition of the weekly mailbag.

Evan, do you think the Cavs should sign Caris LeVert to an extension this summer? He's been awful and disappointing since he's come back from his injury. – Patrick F.

So, the answer is going to be a two-for-one since soon after this email came into the Right Down Euclid inbox, this question popped up on Twitter:

See @jordan_kelk's post on Twitter.

Both Caris LeVert and Collin Sexton are extension eligible this summer. They also have $20 million committed to Jarrett Allen and $28.9 million committed to Kevin Love. Now, I'm not one to worry about the financial responsibilities of billionaires but, trying to extend both LeVert and Sexton this summer would seriously strap the Cavaliers financially. Like LeVert and Sexton, Darius Garland is extension eligible this summer as well. Thankfully, that money won't kick in until the following season. But, with league sources saying Garland is going to be signed to a max contract, it muddles the likelihood that both LeVert and Sexton are both signed to serious money.

Knowing that then pits the first question against the second. Other than his 31 point outburst on Wednesday night against the Dallas Mavericks, LeVert has been fairly underwhelming during his time with the Cavaliers. Granted, he has missed nearly a month due to injuries. But, when it was established soon after he came to Cleveland that he was looking to sign an extension with the team, it gives you pause. Sources confirm those reports echo similar sentiments today but, those same sources also said that the Cavaliers will weigh all options before making any serious financial commitment to LeVert.

One of those options is, of course, Sexton. The former first-round pick has missed the majority of the season due to a torn meniscus. This injury came after Sexton turned down a five-year, $100 million offer from Cleveland leading up to the start of the season. Sources say that Sexton wanted the same amount of money, just over the span of four years instead of five. After talks broke down he expected to prove his worth on the court this season. Unfortunately, fate is a cruel mistress and changed Sexton's plans.

Now, looking ahead to this summer, there will be concerns about whether or not Sexton will be the same player. Unfortunately, there always will be. That, in part, may set the market for the young guard if the Cavaliers let him test the waters of restricted free agency. If Cleveland does that, they can match any offer Sexton gets on the open market within reason and if it's unreasonable, they'll get compensation for their troubles.

But, the Cavaliers shouldn't do that. Instead, they should just offer Sexton the same exact extension he initially declined. Sources say that his recovery is going perfectly and that there shouldn't be any serious concerns long-term about his athleticism or longevity. He could be slotted in as the team's sixth man next season, much like LeVert is now, and can provide a scoring dynamic off the bench while Garland and Isaac Okoro man the starting unit.

That also means that with Sexton extended, Cleveland should look to trade LeVert. The Columbus native's $18.8 million expiring contract can be a nice trade chip and can be packaged with other salaries and draft picks in order to go hunting for a more legitimate option on the perimeter.

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See @8adavis8's post on Twitter.

Hey, Andrew! Thanks for the question I appreciate it. I don't think the Cleveland Guardians are going to be trading Jose Ramirez any time soon. It's been reported by numerous outlets that the Guardians and Ramirez's representation are in serious contract extension talks and I think, in the end, that's the right call.

The Guardians are a team that is embarking on uncharted waters. There are a lot of fans that are upset that they changed the name in the first place, even though, in the end, it was the right decision to make. The team also struggles to sell tickets until the weather is warmer and having a known commodity like Ramirez will help make that a bit easier.

In short, I don't think the Guardians would or should trade Ramirez. If they did have to trade him, then the Toronto Blue Jays, the Seattle Mariners, the Tampa Bay Rays or the San Francisco Giants all make varying amounts of sense.

Hey Evan! How does the Cavaliers' offense look at full strength… haven't seen much of it this year or ever really but with Garland and Sexton both being ball-dominant guards curious who will be the centerpiece of that offense? – Blake W

Hey, Blake! Thanks for the question. But, in short, it's Garland's offense now and going forward. You could see this season that Sexton and the Cavaliers were trying to figure out how to make him fit in this new offensive dichotomy and the results were… mixed. If you were to look at his numbers this season they would be underwhelming by Sexton's standards with averages of 16.0 points (a career-low), 3.3 rebounds and 2.1 assists.

But, if you factor in how Sexton is putting up those numbers at such a low usage rate, the sudden dip makes a lot of sense. It was going to take some time for him to grow no matter what and now that he's out for the season, the adjustment is only going to take longer.

As long as Cleveland signs Sexton to an extension, they'll be able to pick up where they left off. Thankfully, even with Sexton out, Garland has had an entire season to become comfortable being the team's lead guard so the adjustment period should be easier going forward. If you want an idea of how it might go, watch how Garland plays on the floor alongside Caris LeVert. Sure, there are limited returns on the results but, the results are promising.

See @oldseaminer's post on Twitter.

I think this is a fair question to ask. R.J. Nembhard has only appeared in 60 total minutes over the span of 13 games for the Cavaliers. Brandon Goodwin, meanwhile, has a much more defined role – averaging 14.5 minutes per game in 32 contests. Logic says that Goodwin should have gotten the contract over Nembhard, correct?

Well, it might not be that simple.

Part of it might be the cost and the structure of the contract – which we don't have details about that at this time. If it's structured similarly to how Cleveland structures deals, then the Cavaliers might be able to bank on Nembhard's potential. In 13 games with the Cleveland Charge, Nembhard is averaging 22.9 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5.2 assists. If the Cavaliers are able to sell high on that potential, then they might be able to sell high on that potential.

Hey, Evan – where do you think Baker Mayfield going to end up? – Rylan W.

At this point, nearly all 32 teams have filled their quarterback position. So, at this point, Mayfield might have to accept a backup role elsewhere. My money's still on him joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers backing up the greatest of all time.

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