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With expectations heightened, Isaac Okoro is now the biggest variable for the Cleveland Cavaliers

The thing is, Cleveland doesn't need Okoro to be a lights-out shooter from beyond the arc this season nor should they expect that from him. They just need him to be an average or slightly below-average shooter from three-point range in order to keep opposing defenses honest. If he can do that, then Okoro can be the connective piece on both ends of the floor for the Cavaliers next season. He'll be able to lock down the best opposing perimeter threat all while chipping in 10 to 12 points on a night-to-night basis. Read more.

Here's how the Cleveland Browns can win their first season opener in 18 years against the Carolina Panthers

People will say that Baker Mayfield will know what he's facing in Cleveland's defense but, in all honesty, he doesn't. Garrett and company will probably make life hell for the quarterback all Sunday afternoon and, again, the Browns also know Mayfield falls apart in spectacular fashion when things start to crumble. Unfortunately, that's life for a frontrunning quarterback and things feel like they're set up for Cleveland to get their first season-opening win in 18 years. Read more.

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