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In a new series for Right Down Euclid, readers can submit their questions about anything related to Cleveland sports and we'll answer them to the best of our ability. So, with that said, today Right Down Euclid will answer your questions, and hopefully more, on this edition of the weekly mailbag.

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With that said, let's break down everyone's questions for this latest mailbag. There were a lot of great ones so it was hard to decide what wouldn't make the cut.

See @BigMikevilla123's post on Twitter.

I got this question emailed to me several times as well and, in all honesty, it's tough. Cleveland had a slim to none chance of securing a top-four selection but, being at no. 14 is still a good place for the organization to be at. When the Cavaliers were in the doldrums of their rebuild, a member of their front office shared with Right Down Euclid that during the pre-draft evaluation process, players making winning plays is a huge factor. But, now that they're building on the foundations of a hopeful playoff team, it changes things a bit.

Now, I still think "winning plays" is a factor when breaking down this year's draft – even if it doesn't involve drafting a player. Sure, Cleveland could draft a player that fits the bill, and sources say that there's intrigue within the organization around Ohio State's Malaki Branham, LSU's Tari Eason as well as G League Ignite product Dyson Daniels and Kansas forward Ochai Agbaji. But, don't rule out the Cavaliers drafting a player for another team in a trade either.

During the call for questions, Right Down Euclid was asked about the possibility of Cleveland trading for Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward. Trading for Hayward would make some sense for the Cavaliers, he fills a lot of needs for Cleveland and it might cost them the player they pick at 14. But, to complicate the matter, any move would trigger a 15% trade bonus in acquiring him for Cleveland. That might deter the Cavaliers, who have their own questions to answer financially but shouldn't scare them off from a trade overall.

League sources say that players like Toronto's Gary Trent Jr., Sacramento's Harrison Barnes or Minnesota's Malik Beasley are also viable options for Cleveland via trade as well. But, again, due to the financial complications involving those aforementioned players, drafting someone could also be a path too. The next few months could be interesting for the Cavaliers but, there will be more to come next week on that. Be sure to subscribe – you won't want to miss it.

Hey, Evan – How is recovery going for Jarrett Allen's finger and Collin Sexton's knee? Thanks! – Dennis P.

This question was asked on Twitter as well so I'm going to knock this out two birds, one stone.

During his exit interviews, Sexton shared with the media that he was slowly, but surely, progressing. Sources say that before the Cavaliers went their separate ways to decompress, Sexton was capable of performing against coaches in some individual drills. But, those same sources say, and this was later verified by Sexton during his exit interviews, that he is still progressing towards being ready for training camp. Hopefully, when that happens, it'll still be with Cleveland. Thankfully, sources say that there's a good chance that happens but time will only tell.

When it comes to Allen, meanwhile, he shared with the media during his respective exit interview that he's steadfast in his decision not to have surgery. Allen and his camp believe that it will heal naturally on its own and he will be ready for training camp. Sources say that he's doing better since the end of the season and on track to be fully healed soon . With that said, everything should be good to go for next year.

How long do you think Deshaun Watson will be suspended by the NFL? – Josh M.

Hey, Josh. Thanks for reaching out. It feels like the Watson decision by the NFL is drawing closer and closer and, based on the disturbing revelations, they shouldn't hesitate to punish him to the fullest extent of their capabilities. The MLB suspended Trevor Bauer for two years, despite his sexual assault investigations remaining ongoing. The NFL should be no different. If Watson only committed sexual assault once, that alone is damming enough. But, he didn't He did it 22 times over. It doesn't matter how well he can throw a football, being morally corrupt isn't worth it.

See @CAVS4MVP's post on Twitter.

I'm sure everyone has seen the clips of Mobley working in an open gym with Raptors forward and current Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes. You've also probably seen him taking, and making, three-pointers as well. If he's able to add range to his game, that will only make things better and easier for both him and the Cavaliers on offense. But, it shouldn't be the top priority. Instead, he needs to add some bulk to his frame so he can bang down low and create easier pressure at the rim. If he does, the three-point shot should follow soon after.

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