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Are the dog days almost over at quarterback for Cleveland? Monday thoughts from early Browns preseason action

But, even though Brissett hasn't played this preseason, Josh Dobbs, the third-string quarterback on the depth chart, has shown a spark through two games of preseason play. Granted, that spark has come up against sometimes lesser-quality opponents on opposing depth charts. But, it could be enough to help the Browns afloat while Watson is suspended. Read more.

The Cleveland Browns and their fans need to stop normalizing Deshaun Watson

Fans in attendance at TIAA Bank Field belted out, "You sick fuck" towards Watson over and over when he took to the field and it's probably not the worst of what's to come this season. But, maybe Watson isn't the only, as Jaguars fans put it, sick fuck. Maybe it's also the Browns since they're willing to go down with this sinking ship. Browns center Joel Bitonio chalked it up to the somewhat tired mantra of it being, "Cleveland against the world" in regard to how Watson, and the team, will be treated on the road. Read more.

Could Donovan Mitchell join the Cleveland Cavaliers? – Right Down Euclid mailbag

So, for now, there's always a chance it could happen. Would Mitchell push Cleveland further into the playoff conversation? Absolutely. But, don't be surprised when Mitchell isn't a Cavalier either. But, for what it's worth, it would at least get rid of the uncomfortable Collin Sexton conversation surrounding this team heading into training camp. Read more.

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