Alec’s aspirations: ‘More work needs to be done to tell the stories of local college athletes.’

Journalism has been a major part of Alec’s life since high school and his passion is covering local collegiate basketball.
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Independent journalism has been a major part of my life since high school, as I had the fortunate pleasure of working with our local edition of The Sun Press, producing weekly articles on Hawken School athletics. In those four years, I began to appreciate the art of telling an athlete’s story, as I was partially responsible for amplifying the talent and accomplishments of my classmates and peers, a task that I have forever not taken lightly.

For decades, journalism has been the backbone of society, as journalists have gone through various transformations, with technology at the forefront of many of those changes. It is of the utmost importance for stories to be heard and told from differing perspectives, especially in today’s market where powerful conglomerates have begun poaching writers from local papers and media sources.

While I have experience covering sports of all levels, my passion lies in mid-major Division I and Division III collegiate men’s basketball, an area that most media sources have overlooked. At my core, I am a basketball junkie. Locally speaking in Cleveland, the area has many terrific options for basketball fans of all ages when it comes to these levels of basketball, all of whom can be seen in person at an incredible value compared to the pros.

From John Carroll to Case Western Reserve at the Division III level to Akron, Kent State, and Cleveland State in the Division I ranks, these players decided on Northeast Ohio as their destination. While I take great pride in my work with Horizone Roundtable over the last three seasons, more work needs to be done to tell the stories of local college athletes and teams in the greater Cleveland area, as many have been ignored for far too long.

Working for a Cleveland-centric publication like Right Down Euclid has been a dream of mine since I can remember. Being part of a team of writers with the same passion for my hometown as I do will be refreshing and inspiring. While I love Cleveland almost to an irrational level, some aspects of the city could use improvement, and one of the ways it will improve is by supporting growing independent journalism sources like Right Down Euclid. Much like the athletes I decide to cover, we are truly in this for the love of the game, an aspect missing from today’s media coverage. I look forward to sharing my passions with the Right Down Euclid audience.

Alec Kwait has experience covering sports of all levels. But, his passion lies with mid-major Division I and Division III collegiate men’s basketball and provides Right Down Euclid in-depth access and coverage to programs like John Caroll, Case Western, Cleveland State and even Akron!

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